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Kim Roberts Lashes Out, Silently

The "second dancer," Kim Roberts, apparently could still use some
help in understanding "how to spin [the Duke lacrosse case] to [her]
advantage," as she put it in an e-mail to a P.R. firm: while in court
on Tuesday in connection with her embezzlement conviction for embezzling nearly
$25,000 from a former employer, and when she saw WRAL's camera, she
rolled her eyes, flipped the bird and then stuck out her tongue.

Actually the tongue part was pretty hard not to laugh at, but any idea she
had of taking advantage of the situation, at least locally, is probably
gone. On the other hand, she could probably get some appearances on Howard
Stern's show after the trial is over.

Court documents suggest that Kim Roberts Pittman failed to pay
restitution, missed appointments with her probation officer, and left the
state without permission.

Questions about how the case is being handled continue, thanks to stories
like the quadruple murder case on Alpine Drive where the DNA evidence still hasn't
been analyzed, and then this one, where a guy is accused of rape, and resisting
arrest - and posts
$150,000 bond.

Reade Seligmann and Colin Finnerty turned themselves in and were hit with a
$400,000 bond.

Somehow, that doesn't seem equitable.