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Latest Lax News & Links

There have been several developments in the lacrosse case. First, some
of the evidence turned over by D.A. Mike Nifong may contradict his own
suggestions about the case. As noted previously, although he had
suggested that a date rape drug may have been used, there is no evidence that a
toxicology test was administered.

And although he had suggested that the alleged assailants may have worn
condoms, and that might account for a lack of DNA, the alleged victim said that
her assailants did not use condoms.

As someone else pointed out
in the article,
a rape victim might not know whether or not condoms were

According to the sources, the alleged victim also claimed first that she was
raped by 20 men, then later three, and that the second dancer was in the
bathroom during the rape, an allegation which the second dancer called "a

Meanwhile, Duke's women's lacrosse team is in the sport's Final Four and
plans to wear sweatbands with the word "innocent" on them,

referring to their belief that the three lacrossed players charged in the case
are innocent.

Correction from the mailbag!
This isn't really a hot tip, but I wasn't sure what other category to use... anyhow,
your article today on the lacrosse case indicates that the taxi driver that just
pleaded guilty to misdemeanor sexual assault is the same one who picked up Reade
Seligman from the party. They are not the same people. The one who backs Seligmann's
alibi is Moez Mostafa from On Time Taxi, while the one from today's story is Hasan
Ateya Kafi from Durham's Best Cab Co... anyhow keep up the great site!