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Polygraph Tests Revealed

David Evans's camp released
the results of his polygraph test Tuesday,
and the examiner, Robert J. Drdak,
said that his answers were "well within the non-descriptive range,"
and that "this examination strongly supports the truthfulness of Mr.
Evans." Polygraph exams are not admissible as evidence in court in
North Carolina.

Attorney Bill Thomas, who represents an unidicted player, argues that when
D.A. Mike Nifong refused Evans' offer to take a polygraph, he may have missed a
valuable opportunity: "You get to hear his answers to
very serious questions," Thomas told the Herald-Sun. "There is no
greater investigative tool for a prosecutor and police. I cannot think of a
sound reason why law enforcement would refuse a polygraph exam to a defendant or
possible defendant. Whether or not you believe the guy being tested, you get a
chance to really grill him about what might have happened."

Nifong said that polygraphs were scientifically unreliable but didn't comment

Meanwhile, teammate David Flannery, who was charged with the same noise
ordinance violation as Evans, saw
his charges tossed out of court,
with the judge saying that "This
court can make better use of its time than engaging in such cases as this."

Evans is due to be tried on the same charge next week.