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Julio's Cousin Breaks Out In A Big Way

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If you'll allow a moment of personal pride, Julio's cousin, John Hart,
Jr., is about to publish his first book, The King of Lies
(it comes out on
Tuesday), and so far the reviews have been incredibly positive and
exciting. Pat Conroy said “The King of Lies moves and reads like a book on
fire…an amazing new talent.” The others we've seen are just as

Publisher's Weekly says “Hart's stunning debut, an exceptionally deep and
complex mystery thriller, compares favorably to the best of Scott Turow… Few
readers will be able to resist devouring this tour-de-force in one or two
sittings—or clamoring for more John Hart.”

And the Library Journal says this: “This powerful debut literary
thriller…builds momentum like a runaway train…The writing is beautiful and
the story is gripping, but it is the character study of a damaged Southern
lawyer that puts this debut novel on the must-read list.”

To say you're proud of a guy who has hit one out of the park like his first
time out would be wildly understating things. Seeing your cousin, who
you've known since he was a boy, grow into this sort of a writer is beyond
pride. It's thrilling, it's amazing, it's wondrous.

Anyway, we're obviously going to recommend it. Read it now and get
ready for the movie. Based on the buzz it's getting, we're guessing that's
the next logical step.

Congratulations, big guy! You're the man!!