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Lax Update - Third Indictment Monday?

It's possible that a third indictment could come Monday in the Duke lacrosse
case, but the DNA evidence, as reported earlier, is apparently
inconclusive. The defense attorneys had these comments, according to the

Bill Thomas:

"I think it highly unlikely that the district
attorney would seek an indictment based on this report. It completely
exonerates all members of the Duke lacrosse team. An attempt to indict based on
this report would, in my opinion, be misguided...

"Her story is nothing short of ridiculous and
certainly should not be the basis of an indictment. "I think a
prosecutor or grand jury would be ill advised to base an indictment on this
woman's word."

Bob Ekstrund:

"[The report] positively, completely, irrefutably
excludes all of the lacrosse players from a possible rape, including the two who
were indicted last month...

"It's anybody's guess what a grand jury would do.
But I think it would be more than ill advised to take anybody to the grand jury
at this point. It would be abhorrent. What Mr. Nifong ought do is reconsider the
earlier indictments instead of going for new ones. It's time for people to call
this case for what it is: an incredible miscarriage of justice."

The D.A's request for the second test said: "The DNA
evidence requested will immediately rule out any innocent persons, and show
conclusive evidence as to who the suspect(s) are in the alleged violent attack
upon this victim."

So we'll see.