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Media Ban By Durham Is Short-Lived

The media seems to be getting on Mike Nifong's nerves: a request was sent out by the sheriff's department telling members of the media that "[t]his is a friendly reminder to everyone who is employed by or representing any media to please stay off the 6th floor of the Judicial Building. There are no exemptions to this request. This request is in place until further notice."

Unfortunately, according to Durham County Attorney Chuck Kitchen, you can't ban the public from a public building.

After he called to check up on it, Maj. Lucy Zastrow of the Sheriff's Department said it was just a request, not a threat: "You're not welcome on the sixth floor. I am trying to be polite about it," Zastrow told the N&O. "[The e-mail message] was just asking the media to be courteous. There's a difference between the law and a request. It was never meant to be a threat. If you don't leave when asked, nothing will happen."