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Legal Opinions Sought!

As you probably heard yesterday, the
cab driver who picked up Reade Seligmann was arrested on an old
shoplifting charge
. He disputes the circumstances.

District Attorney Mike Nifong says it's a routine situation, but Moezeldin Elmostafa is the
third person involved in the case to have old charges revisited, which may
suggest a pattern or strategy (one of the party-hosting lacrosse players had an
old misdemeanor reactivated, and the
second stripper
had her bond reduced after she was arrested for violating
the terms of her probation in an embezzlement case, after which her story
changed (previously she had expressed doubt about the rape; after her legal
status changed, her story did as well).

Given all this and the questions which various legal experts have raised
about how Nifong has handled this case, we'd like to ask you lawyers out there:
what gives? Is this case being handled properly?

Please send us your opinions and we'll go through them carefully and post
them next week. You
can use the General Comments! form on the mail page
and add /Legal Opinion
On The Lax Case!

We appreciate the help!