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Seligmann's Cabbie Arrested

The cab driver who picked up Reid Siegelmann after he left the lacrosse party
on what seems to be
somewhat dubious charges.

Apparently he picked up a woman and took her to Northgate Mall, where she
stole some purses. When Hecht's asked him, he gave them the woman's address and
a copy of his driver's license.

When he was arrested, the officer first asked if he had anything else he'd
like to share about the case, then took him in.

If that account is correct, it's hard to see this as anything other than an
attempt to shake his testimony, particularly after other lacrosse team members
saw old misdemeanor charges revived, and after the second stripper, Kim Roberts,
who first said no rape occurred, but changed her story after she was arrested on
a parole violation. After her story changed, her bond was reduced.