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Possible DNA?

According to various sources close to the investigation, tissue found under
the fingnernail of the woman who says she was raped at the lacrosse party may
match that of someone who was there.

However, although the other players have been ruled out, the test is not 100%
conclusive because the minimum number of DNA markers - 13 - cannot be met.

Theodore D. Kessis, owner of Applied DNA Resources in Columbus, Ohio, gave the
Herald-Sun his opinion of the possible samples:

"It really depends then upon how partial is that profile. A lot of people are of the opinion, including myself, that if it's supposed to test for 13, it should get 13, and something less than 13 is starting to hinge on the reliability of the result.

"When you get down into the two or three partial match, you get numbers that might be 1 in 6, it might be 1 in 10, so what happens then is the question of what's the probative value of the report. ... People play the lottery on worse odds."