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Latest Lax Links & The NBPP Protest

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The protest by the New Black Panther Party has come and gone and while there
were some fears of violence, there was no violence, and the marchers in the end
were not allowed to enter campus. After they were turned away, they
marched to the house where the lacrosse party took place and continued the
demonstration there.

The Panthers had eight demands, including that Reide Seligmann and Colin
Finnerty be found guilty. Here are some of the comments made
by leader Malik Shabazz:

"We demand a vigorous prosecution and a thorough investigation of the
Duke rape case and other sexual assaults on the Duke campus."

“We don't care whether our sister was stripping or not.
We say that that was only a temporary condition of circumstance. But to us she
is a righteous and divine woman by nature.”

“For the record, the history of Duke University is
riddled in slavery, racist oppression and racism against black people.”

"You are the shame of the planet earth today. You are a shame to
yourselves and you are a shame to the University," Shabazz said of the
lacrosse team. "You want peace for your final exams. You want to take your exams
in peace. Yet you have disturbed the peace of our community, and you have
violated the peace of the system. Leave the system alone."

Somewhat incoherently, the leader of the black separatist movement also
described the system as one of white male supremacy.

Spokesman Yusuf Shabazz said "[a]nytime a white man grabs a rifle and stands up for his liberty and
wife, he's a hero. We'll kill everybody in a household, we'll kill everybody on
our block."

Among the local supporters was school board member Jackie Wagstaff, aka
"J-Dub," who last year announced a Hip-Hop agenda for City Hall
and who planned to use active gang members in her campaign.

“I am here with these brothers because it appears
Durham does not want to see the truth,” said