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Re-Elect Barry Jacobs!

One of the most common criticisms of American politics is that they're all phonies
and crooks. Or both. It's fairly rare that you get a chance to vote
for someone who has great integrity and doesn't milk the system in some
way. People in Orange County, though, have that opportunity.

We've endorsed Barry Jacobs before, partly because we pretty much created the
basketball ticket and he would certainly belong on that platform, but that's
mostly a gag. What we admire about Barry as a political figure (as opposed
to a politician) is that he is sincere about his beliefs and positions, and
while he could almost certainly find ways to take advantage of his system, he
has never done that.

The man is absolutely honest. That alone is reason enough to vote for

But aside from that singular qualification, Barry also listens. Even if
you completely disagree with him, you'll have a humane and decent discussion
about whatever the disagreement is over, and you'll go away feeling good about
the conversation.

There are a lot of good people in the world - always are. But political
life tends to grind them down. That's why it's doubly important that if
you find someone who is honest and tolerant, that you vote for them.
We don't have nearly enough of these people in public life. They can't
make every difference, and in fact are always swimming upstream. But we
have to have them. In a system where corruption threatens to run rampant,
they are our bulwarks.

So if you live in Orange County, and you have the chance to do so, we
heartily recommend Barry Jacobs, again, for County Commissioner.