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State Search Continues

There isn't a whole lot of State/new coach news right now,
although the Herald-Sun posted this.

The Fayetteville paper says that former Stanford coach Mike
Montgomery may be a factor now
, although he'd take a big paycut if he left the Warriors - and he'd have to leave them
mid-season as well.

Rick Barnes seems to be out, and John Calipari may be the next target.

You may remember that earlier this season, some of his players called the police and reported a robbery: originally, mink
coats were said to have been stolen, but this claim was quickly retracted after it hit the papers.

However, also reported as stolen were thousands in custom-made shirts,
thousands of dollars worth of shoes, thousands in pants, and thousands in
throwback jerseys (tip of the hat to Dave Sez, where we rediscovered the info).

We'd love to hear him explain that to Lee Fowler.