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Some Important Lacrosse Revelations

In the latest lacrosse news, after yesterday's revelation about the alleged victim's
criminal record, WRAL reports that the person who made the first 911 call - the one with all the inconsistencies -
the second dancer who was at the party

In other words, if this is true - and WRAL says they have verified that it is - she lied when she said she was just passing by.

The question then is: why?

Between the revelation of the alleged victim's criminal record, which attorneys will use like a bludgeon if the case goes to
court, and the apparent lie on the 911 call, there is room to create reasonable doubt. One reason: the call took
place after the alleged rape. But the focus was on being called the n-word.

There was no mention of rape or assault, which is hard to believe, since the call took place shortly after the alleged assault.

Finally, the DNA tests have been delayed and are not in the district attorney's office yet.