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Barnes Out; State Moves Down The List

According to John DeLong of the Winston-Salem Journal, and as
reported earlier by WRAL, Rick
Barnes has decided to remain at Texas,
meaning State has to move on down the
list of coaching possibilities.

John Calipari may be on the list or may not, but given his
somewhat questionable history, which Lee Fowler is said to be concerned with,
State may be wise to let him look elsewhere. For one thing, their
graduation rate, of which they are justifiably proud, will take a hit. For
another, he will bring all the rumors about his personal integrity to State.

And why is John "Shady" Brady's name coming
up? That's not our nickname for him; that's what the other coaches in the
Situational Ethics Conference (aka the SEC) call him. It seems to us that
State has worked hard to build a solid reputation after the Valvano and Sloan
eras. Why toss it away now?

Glenn has a lot more posted on his blog,
including several names, among them
Nate McMillan (State can't complete financially, plus he never earned a
degree), Jay Wright (big buyout with 'Nova), Frank Haith, former State
assistant Sean Miller, Jim Larranaga of George Mason, and Gregg Marshall of

Tubby Smith's name is being kicked around too, but odds are
State will end up focusing on the last three in the preceding paragraph.
The reactions among State fans should be hilarious.

By the way, where's Majerus?