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Latest On Lax Mess

Here are the latest links about the lacrosse mess, with the NAACP weighing
in, urging a diligent and fair probe, which of course is exactly what everyone
should hope for. There is no question that anyone who is found guilty of
the sorts of things that are alleged to have happened deserves to spend a long
time in jail.

But if the Stanford article we linked was correct, and some members of the
team were out of town and some had either not attended the party or left early,
they certainly deserve to be cleared of the charges forthwith. And unless
more than three people are ultimately charged, the rest deserve justice, too,
which means removing them from this case.

Duke will still have to come to terms with the culture of the lacrosse team,
which many Duke students and alums have criticized, but that is an issue for
Duke, not the courts.