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Brodhead's Additional Actions

With the specific facts and events of the lacrosse "party" still being investigated, Duke President Richard Brodhead is addressing the larger and longer term concerns that the incident (or some would say, legitimtely, culture) has engendered. Here's his five-point plan to get things right again. As you know, we've usually been supportive of Duke in what we hope is the right way and critical of Duke when we thinks things have been going in the wrong way. This is the time when we hope we can facilitate a constructive dialogue between Duke and its alums and fans. We would fail to be honest if we didn't say we're terribly disappointed and personally hurting with what has been happening. Duke has been doing fabulous work with the Durham community in recent years, but the lacrosse scandal is setting back those efforts for years. We want to be a catalyst and facilitator for positive change. Please give us your insights, comments, and recommendations, and we'll make sure that those comments are relayed to the right parties.