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State - No Word On Barnes, Wright Will Not Come Cheap

In the wake of Herb Sendek's decision to leave N.C. State for Arizona State,
recruit Chris
Wright has decided to re-open his commitment. T
he point guard will likely
consider Maryland and Georgetown. Aaron Gilstrap, a kid out of Georgia who
was going to go to prep school and then on to State, now has ruled State

And fellow recruits Dennis Horner and Larry Davis may also take a look
around. Dan Werner and Trevor Ferguson will wait to see what State does
before deciding themselves.

In Tucson, Greg Hansen calls Sendek "Dullsville," but
concedes ASU should improve.

Meanwhile, Texas is serious about hanging on to Rick Barnes, who now stands
astride the Big 12 like a colossus. They
plan to offer him (and his assistants) substantial raises.

Tom Suitor says don't count on it.
He also says Villanova's Jay Wright
has a substantial buyout clause.