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Latest On Lacrosse

The state has not completely finished the DNA tests of the Duke lacrosse
players following the allegations of gang rape at a lacrosse team party.
The controversy continues though, and
the tests should be done this week.

D.A. Mike Nifong says that he will not release the test results, and that
even if there is no match, he could build a case without DNA matches - which
many attorneys believe would be tossed out of court.

Although Nifong does not plan to announce the results, the attorneys for the
lacrosse players say they will announce any results which are favorable to their

Meanwhile, NCAA President Myles Brand says the party was "inappropriate,
at best.

The immediate concern is to find out what exactly happened and, if charges
are appropriate, then to charge whoever should be charged.

The other primary concern is to identify the innocent and to disengage them
from the case with all possible speed. Somehow lost in all this is the
fact that by any reasonable definition, the vast majority of the team is not
guilty of these charges.