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Latest State/Sendek News

Now that Herb Sendek is living and working and recruiting in Arizona, the
question of succession is on the table in Raleigh. Rick
Barnes appears to have shot it down again
, telling the Austin-American
Statesman that "I feel the same as I felt when I was
asked that question in Dallas. I have one of the best jobs in the country.
I've got no other thoughts about it."

His A.D. says Barnes "doesn't want to go," and
that he is working on a raise for the Hickory native. Barnes is a close
friend of Sendek's and blasted State fans for how they have treated his former

Of course, you never know. Roy Williams was
perfectly happy to take the UNC job from his former assistant.

Meanwhile, the fallout in recruiting has begun, with
point guard Chris Wright re-opening his recruitment
, and Nate McMillan's son
pretty much taking State off of his list.