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Looking for a Great Mother's Day Gift?

Or a graduation gift? Or a Father's Day gift? Or a Grandparent's Day gift? Then consider purchasing a brick for the "Walk of Dreams" at the Emily Krzyzewski Family Life Center to honor the person you love. The Walk of Dreams honors the memory of David Borman, the brother of former Duke basketball player Andy Borman.

The Walk of Dreams will be comprised of bricks purchased by friends of the Center in honor of, or in memory of, loved ones. The bricks will be inscribed so that all who see them will know the inspiration that those people gave to others. Many people purchased bricks during the holiday season, and you still have that opportunity now. The funds raised will enable the Center to help children and their families help themselves in striving to create a better future for our community.

The bricks are $100 and the donation is tax deductible. For more information contact Matthew Laurance at or call 919-680-0308.