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A Feat More Impressive Than George Mason's

Occurred yesterday in Glasgow, when the Gretna Football Club beat
Dundee, 3-0, to advance to the Scottish Cup Final. (Hearts beat
Hibs 4-0 today to join them.)

Just a few years ago, Gretna were a non-League team composed entirely
of amateurs. They've since moved up the ladder, (in Scotland, the
different leagues are formed into a hierarchy, and the best teams
can be promoted to a higher league while the worst are relegated to
a lower league.) and this year they have already won the Second
Division of the Scottish League. (The Scottish League has three
hierarchical divisions, and is behind the Scottish Premier League,
which has one division.) This is impressive in and of itself.

However, by reaching the Scottish Cup Final, they're really broken
into an elite level. Picture an open basketball tournament where
George Mason not only goes to the Final Four, but advances to the
NBA Finals, on the way beating the Lakers, Phoenix, and San Antonio.

Gretna is a borders town, in what was the West March of Scotland.
It was most famous for being the town where English would go
to elope:

Last time this area was in the news was Lockerbie. It is good to see some good news from here!