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Lacrosse Update

The main news from lacrosse is this: both indicted players have been
suspended from Duke. And both claim they have alibis. Reade
Seligmann has receipts from a bank machine and the time stamp from his key card
at his dorm, and a taxi driver who says he gave him a ride.

And Colin Finerty says he was at a restaurant, although
there's no indication yet that he can verify it. MSNBC's Dan Abrams (a
Duke grad), has copies of the photos and
says that Finerty appears in none of

Abrams, a former attorney, says that "[y]ou could
argue that something might have happened in that period between 12:10 and 12:30.
The defense would say, though, that because she's smiling in the photo taken at
12:31, it would be hard to believe that she had been brutally raped."

And speaking of Finerty, as you may recall, he got in
trouble in D.C. for assaulting a guy by the name of Jeffrey O. Bloxsom.
Bloxsom's attorney says he is now considering a civil suit. At this point,
that's bound to be an afterthought at best.

Those players who decide to transfer may not have an easy
time of it: Syracuse, for one, has said they
will not accept any lacrosse transfers from Duke.