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Latest Lax News

Here are the latest links and news about the lacrosse scandal. The
main news is obviously the sealed indictment of two lacrosse players for charges
as yet unknown.

NBC17 has interviewed the second dancer, who confirms that she made the first
911 call and didn't identify herself as a dancer so that her parents wouldn't
find out about her occupation.

She also says the alleged victim appeared "fine" when she arrived
at the house, but appeared drugged when she left. "She was
definitely a totally different woman than when I first met her. She definitely
was under some sort of substance," the woman told NBC17.

She also says that "The defense feels like they can say anything they
want to because they know we don't want to put ourselves out there. They know
that we don't want to go on any news channels and put our faces in front of
thousands of people."

However, she told MSNBC that she didn't witness a rape and didn't know if one occurred.

Also, Duke warned former coach Mike Pressler last year that his team's
conduct was unsatisfactory and that the lacrosse team "would be under a

The lacrosse mess is weighing heavily on a lot of people, and so it's no
surprise to learn that Joe
Alleva has struggled with it as well.