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Sad News From The Mailbag

Hey guys.

I am a Duke Divinity grad ('05), and a regular reader of the site. I have some
sad news that I thought you guys would want to know. I am one of the ministers
at a church in Belmont, NC (Charlotte area). There was a kid who was a founding
member of our church 5 years ago named Nathan Pope. Nathan had Muscular Dystrophy
for years, and lived longer than any doctor projected he would. Nate was treated
at Duke Medical Center a number of times, and got some stuff autographed by Coach
K and some of the players at different times, I believe. Nate was widely known
as an outrageous Duke fan, proudly displaying a Duke Basketball license plate on
the back of his motorized wheelchair in which he zipped around regularly. In fact,
the last time I saw him and his dad, we discussed the state of the recruiting class
coming for the Blue Devils next year.

Sadly, Nate passed away early this morning, his body finally succumbing to the Muscular
Dystrophy. I know that more than a few people who read this site will know Nate,
and perhaps Coach K and/or some of the alumni players may remember him.
Please keep Nate's family and friends in your prayers. We grieve Nate's passing,
but rejoice with him that he is no longer held by the effects of that disease.
His passing right after Resurrection Sunday helps us to deal with it in light of
the greater reality that Nate and we believe.

Lastly, I'll say what Nate would want me to say--Go Blue Devils!!

Gabe Clevenger, ThM (Div '05)