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Latest Lax News

According to NBC17 in Durham, a "source close to the
investigation" believes that the woman who was allegedly raped at the
lacrosse party may have
been slipped a date-rape drug in a mixed drink
she was given by one of the
lacrosse players shortly after she arrived."

The source goes on to say that "[h]er condition is said to have
changed dramatically in a short period of time, from being completely sober on
arrival to passing out on the floor in a short period of time."

That's a plausible theory, but you'd think, though, that it might have been
asked about sooner.

In another twist, and this is certainly unsubstantiated, Time Magazine
reports that defense attorneys are worried that police are trying an e-mail scam
to get players to talk.

You may have heard about the e-mail which went around in the last few days in
which one player says he is going
to testify for the prosecution and name names.

The player (unidentified) said that he did not send it, and if that is true,
then it does leave the very interesting question of who did.