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Latest Lax News

In the latest bit of news about the Duke lacrosse mess, after the 911 call
from Krogers, the police who showed up reported that the woman who was allegedly
raped was "passed-out drunk."

However, they did not smell alcohol on her and had to force her out of the
car and were planning to put her in a 24 hour holding cell.

There are two accounts which are sharply different. And while the
defense attorneys have several ways to impeach the accuser's integrity - from
her previous arrest, to the discussed-but-not-seen time-stamped photos to the
(so far) complete lack of DNA evidence, the results of the rape test are going
to be key.

One thing which we had missed earlier was that while none of the attackers
DNA was found on or in the alleged victim, none of her DNA was found in the
bathroom either. Given the violence of the alleged attack, it's remarkable
that nothing - no semen, no pubic hairs, no saliva, no blood, no skin under the
nails - was found.

The defense attorneys expect the names of two lacrosse players will be
presented to a grand jury on Monday.

Nifong can ask the jury to indict, or he can ask for a presentment. If
so, the jury could offer their opinion on whether or not he should proceed.

In other news, Al
Sharpton may show up.

Presumably, Sharpton, who has in the past has called gays
"faggots," called whites "crackers," Jews
"diamond merchants..."white interlopers..." and "bloodsucking
Jews," will speak of the necessity of racial justice. He was also
filmed participating in an alleged cocaine deal, as detailed on HBO, and
more recently has done commercials for Loanmax, a company accused of predatory
lending practices marketed largely to African American audiences, which means
Sharpton has gone from criticizing "bloodsuckers" to being one