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More On Calipari's Rejection Of State

With State losing
out on John Calipari,
two things are evident: first, they have to move
on to the next plan. And second, State fans are losing it - and providing
the best entertainment of the offseason.

Reading State boards tonight, we saw over and over again comments like
"I give up," and "wake me up when football season starts,"
and the new standby, "look for a new A.D. instead of a new coach."

The entertainment value is very high, assuming you're not a State fan.

The teeth gnashing will increase now if State doesn't have any big surprises
to pull. Jay Wright's name is out there, but that seems less likely.
Billy Gillispie, of Texas A&M, has seen his name come up, but his offense is
a bit of a snooze, and, like Herb Sendek, he didn't exactly put together
challenging non-conference schedules.

We were actually getting excited about Calipari's almost-move. It would
have livened things up, and we're all in favor of everyone in the conference
being really good. Plus while we had originally thought Calipari was bad
news, we learned enough to believe that his bad reputation was unwarranted.

So anyway, sans Cal, State may soon be back to the traditional source of ACC coaches - the
so-called mid-majors.

One name that has come up is
John Brady of LSU,
but around the Situational Ethics Conference, aka the
SEC, a league known for having a high tolerance if not affection for recruiting
shenanigans, even among that host of rule skirters, he's known as Shady
Brady. And he's barely been tolerated at LSU. So why go there?

For Brady, like Rick Barnes and John Calipari, the answer may be easy:
his current employers will look to give him a raise.

Otherwise, it's on to the mid-majors, and while it's not as splashy a hire,
obviously, if you look carefully, you'll find young, hard-working coaches who
are competing with more established coaches at bigger schools, only the rising
stars do it with less talent and less resources.

Take a guy like Gregg Marshall at Winthrop.

The guy has done an amazing job at Winthrop. Is his name as big as
Calipari's? No. But most head coaches got starts at smaller schools,
including Coach K, Bob Knight, Bobby Cremins, Gary Williams, and Rick Barnes, to
name a few. Oh, and also Jim Valvano of course. He didn't arrive in
Raleigh as a pre-fab institution.