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Latest Lax News & Links

After the initial wave of media reports about the Duke lacrosse situation,
the tone has changed markedly in recent days. The New York Times has an
article up which
suggests D.A. Mike Nifong might be riding the investigation as a re-election
. When CBS reported the DNA results, the tone was distinctly
different. One talk show host suggested that the alleged victim should now be the subject of investigation.

Nifong, at his NCCU appearance, suggested that the alleged victim ID'd at
least one her alleged attackers, although defense attorneys say he has not
shared that information with them, as he is required by law to do, and one said
that last week Nifong said no identification had been made.

He also said other DNA tests were being done. Apparently they're being
done at a private lab in RTP which can do more sophisticated tests and are due
back in a few days.

Race has become a major force in this case, as illustrated by Mayor Bill
Bell, who was asked at NCCU if things would have been different had the roles
been reversed and a white dancer was allegedly raped by black men.
Understanding the nature of Durham politics keenly, Bell refused to be pinned
down on it, saying "It just doesn't help the situation, and I'm not going
to comment."