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Interesting McRoberts Article

The Mr. Blackwell of college basketball, Gregg Doyel, has (for a change)
something worth reading. Since going to CBS Sportsline, he's undergone a
transformation which roughly parallels Dick Vitale's after he went to ESPN and,
well, relaxed (when he was doing games for NBC, he was just a regular
commentator, quiet and understated).

Doyel just got catty, but
his new article on Josh McRoberts
eschews the bitchiness and talks about a
really interesting player.

McRoberts is just a cool basketball player. Everyone seems to want to
stick him under the basket, but if a guy can pass and dribble and you can build
a team around him, there's no point in trying to make him imitate Shelden
Williams (averaging 6 ppg and 6 rpg currently for the Hawks by the way).

If you want to find a convenient comparison for Josh,
consider Luke Walton.
He's emerged as as a starter for the Lakers,
with 12.5 ppg, 4.6 rpg, and 3.8 apg. He's a bit shorter, but they have
some similar skills.

If Josh is thinking of entering the NBA after this season,
could give him pause
: they have him going to the Knicks at #17, where
he could throw the ball to Stephon Marbury or Steve Francis and never see it
again. And lose 65 games. Isaiah Thomas will probably be gone, but
the train wreck will endure.

Incidentally, there is a great photo of McRoberts with the Doyel
article. We've seen other pictures which reminded us of someone.