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Some Offensive Thoughts!

Like a lot of you, we've wondered about the offense this season, and why it
has been so far behind the defense.

We read somewhere last night - can't remember where at the moment - or
perhaps it was Johnny Dawkins on the radio - about the team learning
spacing. And that may provide as good an answer as any.

Before we heard that, there was a stretch in the second half where the
offense was clicking nicely, and the ball was really getting moved around.
And in retrospect, it was because the players were in fact well-spaced and

During the same stretch, there were some wonderful fast breaks as well.

It would have been better if it had lasted longer, of course, or if it had
been the beginning of the game rather than the end.

But then again, we heard Coach K say after the game that one of the reasons
Duke was a better second-half team was because the coaches had more
control. Presumably this means the chance to review things at halftime and
issue corrections.

Between hall of fame coaching and pretty solid athleticism (as demonstrated
by the defense), we're pretty optimistic that Duke can put the pieces