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From The Mailbag!

Hey guys,

First off, I just want to say that I love the site. Though most of the college-sports
internet is filled with over-the-top hype or demeaning, personal attacks, your site
has really reached a new level of really classy, astute basketball analysis, and
I want to thank you for that.

Re: crowd turnout: When I read your review of the Holy Cross game and saw Coach
K's quote, I have to admit to being slightly aggravated. It's 2:40 am, and
I am in a library on Duke's west campus that is still absolutely full with undergraduates
studying for final exams--exams which conclude at the end of next week. In addition,
if Coach K really wants to sell seats, why have Cameron at all? Perhaps his teams
have benefited from the students' proximity and support in the past...
I readily admit that games were more difficult to get into when the Redick show
was in town--but not this early in the season. Games against Patriot League teams
in December are simply not huge draws.

That being said, I sat in line on Saturday
from noon until tip-off at 7 for the Georgetown game. I say that not to extol my
status as a fan, but rather to point out that over six hundred students were already
IN FRONT of me in line. The energy and turnout on Saturday was simply incredible,
almost akin to February ACC contests. I would urge both you and Coach K to take
a look at why students were not at the game before rushing to judgmental statements
about a lack of fan enthusiasm or students' simply wishing for Redick.