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ACC Roundup

In ACC news, Clemson is the last undefeated team, at 10-0 after beating
Wofford 90-66, and FSU followed up their big win over Florida with a win over
Stetson, 82-63.

In Wednesday night action, B.C. takes on Fairfield, Fordham faces Virginia,
State takes on West Virginia, and Virginia Tech gets a very dangerous Old Dominion
team. They almost beat Clemson and they did beat Georgetown. If Tech
loses and falls to .500, is it too early to panic? They've

ACC Standings!
<!a href="" target=_top>Virginia 1-0 5-1
<!a href="" target=_top>Miami
1-0 5-3
<!a href="" target=_top>Clemson 0-0 10-0
<!a href="" target=_top>Maryland 0-0 8-1
<!a href="" target=_top>Duke 0-0 7-1
<!a href="" target=_top>North
0-0 6-1
<!a href="" target=_top>Florida
0-0 6-2
<!a href="" target=_top>Wake
0-0 5-2
<!a href="" target=_top>Boston
0-0 4-2
<!a href="" target=_top>Virginia
0-0 4-3
<!a href="" target=_top>North
Carolina State
0-1 5-1
<!a href="" target=_top>Georgia
0-1 6-2

lost to Western Michigan, Southern Illinois, and George Washington. We
don't know a whole lot about Western Michigan, but the others are potential
tourney teams (as if ODU). Still, they could easily get to ACC play, at
Duke, at either 10-4 or 11-3. The games between ODU and Duke are pretty
soft. But so far, they're not making much of a case for themselves.

Maryland is still dealing with some of the issues from the last few seasons,
as they re-emerged against Notre Dame, slowing what was starting to look like a
renaissance of sorts.

Incidentally, Fordham is coached by former State star Dereck Whittenburg.

Not really an ACC story, but Bobby
Cremins took a whipping in his trip to South Carolina,
losing badly to Dave
Odom's bunch.