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Barry Jacobs On Quick Shot Artists!

Boston College point guard Tyrese Rice, plucked from Richmond, Va., tied for third place on the 2006 All-ACC Freshmen team with Duke's Josh McRoberts and UNC's Bobby Frasor. (UNC's Tyler Hansbrough and Duke's Greg Paulus finished first and second, respectively.)

Rice's quickness and aggressiveness made him a valuable addition to a veteran lineup, and an arresting change of pace from senior playmaker Louis Hinnant.

One area where Rice's contributions may have been overlooked was his 3-point shooting. He was among the quickest ACC regulars to let fly from the bonusphere, seventh-best in the percent of his points achieved from long range (56.8), and the only freshman to lead his team in threes tried (161). Rice's .391 accuracy on 3-pointers was second only to Hinnant among the Eagles.

Opposing defenses take note: No returning ACC regular was quicker than Rice to attempt a three in '06.

Fewest Minutes Per 3-Point Attempt, 2006
(Minimum 300 Minutes Played)
Min Player
4.05 J.J. Redick, D
4.38 Shawan Robinson, C
4.39 Justin Gray, WF
4.65 Tyrese Rice, BC*
4.90 Wes Miller, NC*
4.95 Anthony Morrow, GT*
5.07 Julius Powell, C*
5.16 Mike Jones, M*
5.16 David Noel, NC
5.30 A.D. Vassallo, VT*
* Returning player.