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ACC Roundup

What in the world is happening to Virginia? Their promising season has
really gone south in Puerto Rico, with the 'Hoos losing first to Appalachian
State, and second to Utah, by a score of 94-70.

Teams Times TV
Virginia Tech vs. Seton Hall 6:30 ESPNU
Coastal Carolina @ FSU 7:00 Nah
Virginia vs. U.P.R. TBA Forget this one
Atlantic Coast Conference
1-0 7-2
1-0 7-3
<!ahref="">Virginia 1-0 6-3
1-0 7-5
<!ahref="">Clemson 0-0 11-0
<!ahref="">Duke 0-0 10-1
0-0 9-1
0-0 9-2
<!ahref="">Maryland 0-1 10-2
0-1 7-3
Carolina State
0-1 7-3
<!ahref="" target=_top>Wake
0-1 6-4

Their defense has pretty much collapsed: Appalachian shot 54.2%; Utah
hit for an astounding 62.3% for the game. Dave Leitao, never particularly
a cuddly guy, is likely to have a coronary afer this game. Actually,
go back to Hampton, then to Appalachian State, then this one, and the man might
not make it to New Year's. If they lost to the University of Puerto Rico,
Leitao will come home with a 6-4 record.

In Raleigh, State struggled against Alabama, going down 23 before rallying
and falling just short, 82-75. Alabama is playing with a
less-than-perfect Ronald Steele, but State is getting by with six players,
basically although Trevor Ferguson is now eligible. If they can get Engin
Atsur back, the Pack will have some depth for a change. Sort of,
anyway. But more than they're used to to be sure.

Miami's season continues to head south, with the 'Canes losing to Binghamton.
Binghamton has lost to Long Island, Colgate, Rider and Akron. Pretty
pitiful for Miami.