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ACC Roundup

The shocker of the evening, without question, was Appalachian State's win
over Virginia. Hey, who told you people you could play with the big boys?
Man, win a couple of national titles in football, and you start thinking you're

ACC Wednesday Night
Teams Times TV
UVa vs. Utah 12:00 pm Apparently not
Alabama @ NCSU 6:30 FSNS
Atlantic Coast Conference
<! a href="">Boston
1-0 7-2
<! a href="">Virginia 1-0 6-2
<! a href="">Virginia
1-0 7-3
<! a href="">Miami
1-0 7-4
<! a href="">Clemson 0-0 11-0
<! a href="">Duke 0-0 10-1
<! a href="">North
0-0 9-1
<! a href="">Florida
0-0 9-2
<! a href="">Maryland 0-1 10-2
<! a href="">North
Carolina State
0-1 7-2
<! a href="">Georgia
0-1 7-3
<! a href="">Wake
0-1 6-4

Seriously, it's a tremendous win for Appalachian and possibly their best week
ever in sports. The first title is always the best, but repeating is
pretty amazing, too. Toss in a win over a snooty ACC school (and let's
face it, we're all snooty), and it's a great time to be in Boone.

It's not like it was the sort of game where ASU hung around and stole it at
the end: they were up 41-28 at the half. And lest we forget, Donte Minter
left UVa for ASU, so he surely must have enjoyed this win.

Wake did what one would expect them to do to Gardner-Webb, winning by 32,
92-60, largely because G-W couldn't stop them inside.

They did force 21 turnovers, though, not something Skip Prosser can be happy

And in Chapel Hill, UNC blew out Florida Atlantic. Roy Williams may
like his former player, Rex Walters, but took no prisoners: UNC was up 65-18 at
the half and went on to win 105-52. It was kind of ridiculous: the Heels
shot 74% in the first half and scored 24 straight points. That's pretty

After the game, Ol' Roy said "I told
[Walters] it was hard, but try to be positive. You guys have no idea what it's
like to coach a youngster that gave you every ounce of his heart, body and soul
and then see him down on the other end of the bench. He didn't have the weapons
we had."

Well, that's true, but when you're up by 47 at
the half, you'd think your bottom three players might get more than 14
minutes: Mike Copeland got seven, Dewey Burke got four, and Surrey Wood
got three. If he is so fond of Walters, you'd think he could have slowed his
team down a bit in the second half. A 47 point lead is pretty

By the way, if you want to know one secret
behind UNC's success,
look no further than this guy.
He did a brilliant job with Sean May
and has done very well with Tyler Hansbrough. Next up: Brandan
Wright. He's really earning his keep.