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This'll Break Your Heart

From the mailbag...some of you will know Caitlin. They're not asking for anything but support. Here's hoping she gets a lot whether you know her or not. She could clearly use a boost, and we're just the bunch to do it!

I don'€™t know if you knew that my daughter Caitlin (who graduated from Duke last
May) was the victim of a hit and run on September 29. It happened when she came
back to Duke for homecoming weekend. She was not expected to live. She suffered
severe head/brain injuries, fractures of the spine, skull, jaw, both legs.

Thanks to the prayers of many people and the amazing people at Duke Hospital, she
is alive, and on the day before Thanksgiving, left DUMC and flew to Kessler in East
Orange, New Jersey for rehabilitation. She has been in the hospital for 9 weeks
now and faces many more.

She was a great Duke Fan. Was in the Spectrum for THE SHOT when she was 8 years

She really needs cards, letters, flowers.

The address is

Caitlin Donnelly

240 Central Ave East Orange, NJ 07018