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Lax Update!

KC Johnson has a long post up on his site, detailing the events surrounding
Friday's sensational hearing
in the lacrosse case. He links to
Kathleen Eckelt, who discusses how colleagues of DNA Security head Brian Meehan
feel about his revelations on the stand. Suffice it to say his
colleagues are not impressed,
with one pointing out that Meehan can
never escape his testimony and that it is tantamount to a "career

In North Carolina, the Robesonian and an editorial writer for the News-Record have called for
the case to be dismissed. And for Duke, a price may be being paid in a different
way, as early admission applications are significantly down.

And finally, while the judge scheduled the next hearing for February, where
attorney Joseph Cheshire says he'll be as excited as a little kid because he'll
get to ask the alleged victim (AV) questions under oath, there's no guarantee
that will happen in a timely manner. The accuser, as you probably know, is
expecting in February, and that may affect the scheduled hearing.