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ACC Roundup

The ACC has a typical stellar
recruiting class
, but there are a number of underclassmen who
are exceeding expectations,
including Wake's Ishmael Smith, Miami's Jack
McClinton, and Clemson's Trevor Booker, among others.

ACC Action For
Wednesday Night
Games Times TV
Md. vs. UKMC 8:00 pm CSN, but why?
WF vs. DePaul 9:00 pm ESPNU
Atlantic Coast Conference

1-0 5-1

Boston College
1-0 6-2

Miami (FL)
1-0 6-4

0-0 10-0

0-0 9-1

North Carolina
0-0 7-1

Florida State
0-0 8-2

Wake Forest
0-0 5-2

Virginia Tech
0-0 6-3

0-1 9-2

North Carolina State
0-1 6-2

Georgia Tech
0-1 6-3

Not to say that the highly rated freshmen aren't doing well; certainly, among
others, Brandon Wright is having a tremendous debut.

Smith and his teammates will get DePaul, coached by former Wake assistant
Jerry Wainwright, who is currently 4-5, but with a win over Kansas in the
mix. Wainwright did a tremendous job at UNCW and Richmond before moving on
the DePaul.

plays UKMC in the second ACC game of the night,
having lost two of their
three last games. Losing to UMKC would be a major shock, and don't expect
it. Quinton Day, a USC transfer, is their best player, and Gary Williams
says he can be pretty good.

The ACC has come a long way since integration hit the conference in the
'70s. Today, the ACC is the
only conference in the country with a majority of African-American coaches.