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ACC Roundup

ACC Standings
<! a href="" target=_top>Virginia 1-0 5-1
<! a href="" target=_top>Boston
1-0 6-2
<! a href="" target=_top>Miami
1-0 6-3
<! a href="" target=_top>Clemson 0-0 10-0
<! a href="" target=_top>Duke 0-0 9-1
<! a href="" target=_top>North
0-0 7-1
<! a href="" target=_top>Florida
0-0 8-2
<! a href="" target=_top>Wake
0-0 5-2
<! a href="" target=_top>Virginia
0-0 6-3
<! a href="" target=_top>Maryland 0-1 9-2
<! a href="" target=_top>North
Carolina State
0-1 6-2
<! a href="" target=_top>Georgia
0-1 6-3

In ACC news, Maryland lost again, this time to B.C. The Terps found
themselves basically out-toughed. It can't please Gary Williams to come up
against a team which is more mentally tough and more rugged, because that's his
M.O. He comes at basketball, at life in general, with a chip on his
shoulder, constantly trying to prove himself.

On the other hand, a problem Maryland has had over the years is a tendency to
get shaken when things go badly. This is part of Gary's psyche too, and
his teams pick up on it. Is that happening now? It probably won't
matter much - with five patsies coming up, there's plenty of time to get over
niggling issues.

In other Sunday night action, FSU beat Southeastern Louisiana, 88-62, and
Virginia Tech beat Appalachian State, 69-37.

The only Monday night game sees Miami hosting Mississippi State.