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ACC Roundup

Maryland had a reasonable game against Vermont, defeating
the Catamounts by 18 after unleashing the press
(it was a tight game until

Maryland expects (and needs) a lot out of their freshmen guards Greivis
Vasquez and Eric Hayes
this season. Check out D.J. Strawberry's quote though: "Greivis is
a flashy type dude," Strawberry tells the Post. "He likes to do what
he does; he likes to do his thing on the court. He likes to get to the bucket,
do his little international thing. And Eric is just quiet. He's just out there
poised. They're both good.

Little international thing? What, like shooting well and passing the ball?

are some rumblings that the Butch-Davis-to-UNC story is a bit premature
Could this be Dick Baddour's third major flub since taking the AD position in
Chapel Hill? You'll recall that Roy Williams and Virginia Tech football coach
Frankie Beamer had both supposedly reached verbal agreements with UNC before
going back to their respective schools and thinking it over. And Davis?