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Help A Dukie Out!

Normally we steer stuff like this to the ticket board, but sometimes you like to make an exception to a rule. This guy is getting married, and his wife needs to understand about Duke basketball!

Hello - I am a former Chronicle sports writer, Trinity 1996 who has a special favor.
I will be in Durham on Nov. 25, planning for my wedding. My fiancee has never been to a Duke game, and I wanted to surprise her with tickets. The bad thing is that we don't have that much money to spend, as most of it is going to wedding planning. (I am a HS math teacher in Washington DC also working on his PhD). To top it all off, my fiancee has spent the past year with Hodgkins Lymphoma - she is doing well and has completed her treatments, but that has added to the financial burden.

If you all know of anyone who could assist with two tickets to the Davidson game,
even at face value, that would be great.

John S