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Dukies in Darfur

Sometimes, the tragedies taking place in the world force us to put our immediate concerns in perspective. Darfur is one of those tragedies.

Peter Jordan, (Class of 2001) helps put this in perspective with his short film, Darfur Rising, that has been named a finalist in the Seeds of Tolerance competition. The $115,000 prize will go to help people impacted by the genocide and will help expose the evil in Darfur.

The winner is determined by a popular vote, so please take the time to register and vote at Current TV. Think of this as a poll skew, but where the benefits of skewing the poll will be the saving of lives.

"Darfur Rising"

Children fleeing the genocide in Darfur describe the atrocities they have witnessed in their homeland. They remember their parents and siblings slaughtered in front of their eyes. They see pregnant mothers murdered and babies set on fire.

Safe now, in a refugee camp in Sudan, the children learn English in a temporary school. They sing and play in the school yard -- perhaps the only place where their childhoods are still intact. Having lost everything, all they have is education, which they hope will one day bring them peace.