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Jacobs On ACC Nicknames!

Nicknames have taken a hit in recent years. No more Dutches or Leftys, Tinys or Chips in the ACC. Just an occasional Scooter (Sherrill at N.C. State from 2001 through 2004) or Skip (Prosser, coach at Wake Forest).

More often, modern players are apt to go by their initials, such as B.J. (Barry Jaquawn) Elder at Georgia Tech (2002-05) or J.J. (Jonathan Clay) Redick at Duke from 2003-06. This season, five teams have members who make an initial impression, good or otherwise.

The Real Names Behind The Initials
K.C. Rivers, C Kelvin Creswell
A.J.Tyler, C Andrew James
D.J. Strawberry, M Darryl, Junior
J.R. Reynolds, V James R.*
A.D. Vassallo, VT Angel Daniel
L.D. Williams, WF Larry Demetrius

* A Virginia source asked Reynolds what his middle initial stands for. "He prefers not to divulge that information," came the response.