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DeCourcy On State & UNC

Mike DeCourcy has two ACC-related columns up today, one suggesting UNC
(and Ohio State) can improve a lot, and one arguing that
State should move Gavin Grant to the point.

State may or may not have a choice, but certainly he's correct
UNC and Ohio
State improving
. We've been keeping an eye on Thad
Matta for some time. The guy seems to have all the elements
of a great coach, and obviously he's a tremendous recruiter.
The job he did at Xavier, and the game they gave Duke in the
regional finals, is certainly not forgotten. And when they
get Greg Oden back, they'll be a serious load. How many
schools get to number one, even briefly, with their best player in a

UNC still has to learn how to play defense, but you can't fake