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ACC Roundup

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In the second night of ACC action, the conference nailed down a lopsided
victory over the Big Ten, winning 8-3. UNC ran past Ohio State, 98-89,
B.C. was impressive in beating Michigan State, 65-58, Virginia Tech survived an
Iowa comeback, 69-65, Clemson went to 8-0 after thumping Minnesota, 90-68, and
Virginia lost to Purdue on a last-second jumper, 61-59.

Wake sat out the challenge, but lost to Air Force, 94-58. Some fans
will get mad, but Air Force is really good, and Wake is rebuilding.

ACC Standings
<! a href="" target=_top>Clemson 0-0 8-0
<! a href="" target=_top>Maryland 0-0 8-0
<! a href="" target=_top>North
Carolina State
0-0 5-0
<! a href="" target=_top>Duke 0-0 6-1
<! a href="" target=_top>Georgia
0-0 6-1
<! a href="" target=_top>North
0-0 5-1
<! a href="" target=_top>Wake
0-0 5-1
<! a href="" target=_top>Virginia 0-0 4-1
<! a href="" target=_top>Florida
0-0 4-2
<! a href="" target=_top>Virginia
0-0 4-2
<! a href="" target=_top>Boston
0-0 3-2
<! a href="" target=_top>Miami
0-0 4-3

It was an impressive showing by the conference, not least of all because the
Big Ten is getting better. We're particularly impressed with Maryland's
win last night and Clemson's win today. Yes, Minnesota stinks. It's
still a big win, and one they couldn't have done a few years ago.

Ohio State, which held the #1 spot for one game before losing, had Greg Oden
on the bench, still recovering from an injury. But UNC played very well.

No one plays again until Saturday.