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Get Yer PlayStation - From The Mailbag!

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Hi There!

My name is Matt House

I am a technology facilitator at Eno Valley Elementary School here in Durham,

I lucked into a PS3 this weekend and I have an eBay auction going for the
next week. I am going to donate everything it gets above the 533.93 I paid to our
technology fundraiser and I'll be happy to provide you with a donation letter
to verify the donation from the school bookkeeper and principal at the close of
the auction.

We are using the money to purchase a new iMac lab for the students and to
establish a fund for buying perishables like toner and paper.

I would love to get a blurb on your website for the auction if possible. If
that is against a policy you have in place, I perfectly understand.

Here is the link for the auction.

Matt House