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Latest Lax News & Views

KC Johnson has some interesting thoughts about what might happen if/when Mike
Nifong discusses ethics with the state bar.
In other news from the
lacrosse case, Cash
Michaels has an article up.
We've enjoyed reading Michaels even though
we often disagree with him, specifically because we usually disagree with
him. His perspective is quite different and usually worth considering,
even if only as a tool to re-evaluate your own arguments. What amazes us
is how hard he tries to affect being objective, and how thoroughly he usually
fails. We saw his recent posts on WTVD and didn't link to it because we
couldn't be sure it was him, but Michael Gaynor has a fairly lengthy article up
on that,
including responses by Michaels. So we guess it was him after all.
These guys have periodically suggested some level of mutual respect, but that
appears to be out the window at this point.