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J.J.'s Back!

Here are some comments on J.J. Redick as he finally gets to start his NBA career. From the mailbag!

JJ played his first minutes for the Magic tonight. The game was a blowout
versus the Hawks. The crowd was chanting for JJ throughout the entire second half.
He finally entered with 3 minutes left in the game for scrub time. He nailed one
16'-18' jumper from near the top of the key, and he missed one 3 that went
in-and-out. He also stepped out of bounds while setting-up for a 3 in the corner.
The crowd gave him a standing ovation when he came in, and it was by far the most
energy in the crowd on the night.

Most interesting, though, was the post-game interview where one reporter made
a "Rudy" reference, and JJ responded by saying that he hoped he had more
talent than Rudy (of Notre Dame). He seemed pretty perturbed throughout the entire
post-game interview, and I can't blame him. First, he's struggling to get
over an injury; second, he's on a deep team which is especially deep at guard
(JJ had a hard time getting in, and Grant Hill was not even at the game because
of his grandmother's funeral); and finally, JJ has a reporter comparing him
with the talentless RUDY.