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ACC Roundup

Friday Night ACC Action!
Teams Times TV
High Point vs. Md. 1:30 pm CSN
UNC vs. Tennessee 4:30 pm ESPN2
N.C. State vs. Gardner-Webb 7:00 pm Not a chance
FSU vs. Pitt 7:30 pm Nada
Ch. Southern@ Clemson 7:30 pm Nope
Va. Tech in Old Spice Classic TBA ESPN2 OR ESPNU
ACC Standings
<! a href="" TARGET=_TOP>Clemson 0-0 6-0
<! a href="" TARGET=_TOP>Maryland 0-0 6-0
<! a href="" TARGET=_TOP>Florida
0-0 4-0
<! a href="" TARGET=_TOP>Wake
0-0 4-0
<! a href="" TARGET=_TOP>North
Carolina State
0-0 3-0
<! a href="" TARGET=_TOP>Virginia 0-0 3-0
<! a href="" TARGET=_TOP>Georgia
0-0 5-1
<! a href="" TARGET=_TOP>Duke 0-0 4-1
<! a href="" TARGET=_TOP>North
0-0 3-1
<! a href="" TARGET=_TOP>Virginia
0-0 2-1
<! a href="" TARGET=_TOP>Miami
0-0 3-2
<! a href="" TARGET=_TOP>Boston
0-0 1-2

We didn't catch the UNC-Gonzaga game, and weren't sure what exactly happened
to limit Tyler Hansbrough to such a low-scoring night.
Turns out it was a collapsing defense.
Gonzaga felt like Hansbrough
sort of gave up, which seems unlikely, as Nolan Hayes of the Herald-Sun
suggests. But if it worked for Gonzaga, you can expect everyone else to try it
until it fails.

In the only Thanksgiving Day game for the ACC, Virginia Tech lost to Western
Michigan, 71-68. They had their chances even at the end but couldn't

In ACC games Friday night, the best ones are FSU vs. Pitt and UNC vs.
Tennessee. FSU has a chance for a breakout win, and UNC gets a small,
pressing team, which means the score could go through the roof.

Incidentally, there have been some discrepancies between ESPN's schedule and
the ACC's version. When there is a conflict, we're going with the home