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Jacobs On The ACC & Free Throws!

Most of the league's most accurate returning free throw shooters were not among last year's official ACC leaders. They didn't have sufficient attempts to qualify. That does not mean, however, that it would be wise to foul these players late in a game or in some other crucial circumstance.

OK, maybe including Boston College's John Oates is a bit of a reach.


Top Returning Free Throw Shooters in 2006, Minimum 300 Minutes Played
.898 Mike Jones, M 44-49
.887 Anthony Morrow, GT 63-71
.845 Sean Singletary, V* 125-148
.840 K.C. Rivers, C 21-25
.833 Anthony Harris, Mi 45-54
.818 John Oates, BC 9-11
.814 Mamadi Diane, V 35-43
.800 Reyshawn Terry, NC* 108-135
.792 Danny Green, NC 42-53
.788 Ralph Mims, FSU 52-66
.784 Greg Paulus, D 76-97
* Appeared among official leaders in ACC.